Winch Hoist System

The hoist is used in the hydraulic decoking system to lift the decoking system (cutting tool, drill stem top drive, drill stem, cross head free fall arrestor).

The hoist moves the decoking system up and down the derrick through steel wire rope. The whole system is powered by a motor, and the drum is rotated by a planetary gear reducer to achieve lifting of the decoking system.

High-power design to increase the single rope tension of steel wire rope and reduce the time for drill stem/cutting tool to be extracted after drilling; greatly reduces labor intensity.

Planetary gear reducer structure is adopted to improve the efficiency of transmission, increase the speed range, shorten the lifting time of the tool after decoking, and shorten the decoking process time accordingly.

The planetary gear reducer is built into the drum, which simplifies the space dimension of the hoist and makes the structure more compact.

Dual brake structure ensures braking performance, safe and reliable operation.


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