Sure Switch Combination Tool


Ease of Servicing
Servicing is easy and the sure switch can be serviced in a fraction of the time compared to other tools. The simple geometry and configuration allow for easy removal of the nozzles and switch over cartridge. You no longer need to remove the entire tool and ship offsite for time consuming repairs. Changeouts can be done using your teams and can be incorporated into your existing reliability & maintenance programs

Manual Override
The simple design of the LJ switching system provides an unequalled level of reliability, but in the rare case of a failure can be manually switched in situ guaranteeing minimal impact to production

Maximum cutting power
Adopting a new type of rectifier and nozzle structure ensures a concentrated strong cutting jet is achieved on standard and oversize drums.

Reliability, Safety & Reduced operating costs
Precision matching with tighter contacts, seals and sealed chamber structure on the reversing gear valve extends the service life of the components. Our nozzle shell structure allows for easy maintenance and the internals are machined with anti-Sulphur corrosion materials. Units are assembled in the USA and meet applicable ASME standards

Auto Switch

Streamlined Design

Improved Reliability

Longer Service Life


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