Control Valve


The decoking control valve is installed on the outlet pipe of the jet pump at the bottom of the coke drum, and the water inlet of the decoking control valve is connected with the outlet of the jet pump. The decoking control valve controls the output flow of the jet pump through the three positions/settings and has three operating modes as per below

Recirculation: Bypass mode, flow control for pump protection.
Pre-fill: Low pressure pre-fill sequence to fill the system lines to avoid water hammer.
Full flow: Decoking mode with full flow and low pressure drop.

Single plug design and simple structure.

Self-balancing stem design reduces valve stem drive force.

Double-Pivot valve plug structure, reducing the friction between valve plug and valve sleeve.

External bypass orifice plate structure, easy maintenance.

Large diameter, high CV (flow capacity rating of valve) valve design, low fluid resistance, high system efficiency.

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