Remote Intelligent Decoking Control Systems (RIDS) is completely customizable to meet your specific requirements. RIDS System options range from a basic drilling & cutting sequence to full automation.

Automated Decoking Systems Advancements in remotely operated cutting tool design coupled with smart monitoring and control technology have made automated coke cutting achievable. Automation options range from a simple pre-programmed cutting and drilling oper to a fully automated integrated system that includes cutting , boring , Unheading, winch and valve controls, with continuous fail safe REAL TIME feedback as to equipment and visual acoustic drum status displayed from the safety of a control room These systems include embedded intelligence to process signals for monitoring and control so operator interface is only required for sequence exceptions.

Real Time audio video operation from safety of control room.

Closed loop system with interlocks

System controlled cutting/boring speeds improves consistency

Intuitive system automatically adjusts

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